fresh strawberry shortcake

East Side Classic – Tebo’s (Stumptown Blogger – 2015)

stumptownblog“Terrific place to have incredible burgers, pies and their famous Strawberry Shortcake. Friendly, and very family friendly. Support local and family owned! Tebo’s is located in Gladstone. It all started out as Gene & Joe’s years ago, the new owners have only improved this great haunt for terrific food and spectacular desserts.”


Tebo’s Strawberry Shortcake Award (2010 – Willamette Week)

Tebo’s Strawberry Shortcake was named “The best (and only) reason to go to Gladstone”  by Willamette Week in their “Best of Portland” issue.

They don’t skimp on ingredients here (2010 – Yelp Reviews)

yelp“My wife ordered Halibut Fish and Chips. Both of us having lived in Alaska for a while this is a defining food item. They do right by halibut. Huge cubed chunks they cut and bread themselves. They don’t skimp on ingredients here and give you quality done simply and well. The batter is something their own as well. Combine the simple well done excellence of deep fried Halibut with their own fresh cut fries and you have a place worth remembering. And oh yeah, you serve your own tartar sauce and lemon on the condiment bar (my wife and I share the fourth star for the condiment bar of freedom).”
       — Mark F. on Yelp, 2010

Gladstone eatery’s tradition passes to new, but old, hands
(2004 – The Oregonian, Jim Kadera)

2004 Tebo's Passes To New Owners“It’s one of the oldest restaurants in the Portland area… A county food inspector said Tebo’s is one of the cleanest restaurants he checks… Tebo’s strong reputation and their experience helped Karlik and Klein obtain financing to buy the place… We buy the best possible ingredients for our food… We make our salads, desserts, dressing, french fries, desserts and more from scratch… ”

Passionate Gourmet Review – Carol Prichard (1975)

“Tebos… the kind of place you just go back to… a restaurant specializing in hamburgers, homemade pies, efficiency and courtesy… they make strawberry shortcake just like grandma used to make with fresh berries, homemade biscuits and gobs of whipped cream.”

Tebo’s Pleases Kids, Parents – The Oregon Journal, Dan Duff (1974)

“When you want to take a family of five out to eat, you need a restaurant that meets special criteria. The restaurant should: 1) Serve good hamburgers and french fries, 2) Serve a wide selection of dishes that are satisfactory to the parent’s palates, 3) Be priced reasonably for a family budget, and 4) Have a friendly atmosphere that is appealing to both the parents and kids. Tebo’s Restaurant meets these standards.”

“A specialty of the restaurant is its pies. They are are all homemade and fresh every day.”

“Tebo’s is a great place to go from anyone to a youngster to a senior citizen.”

Diner’s Choice Review: Seek and Ye Shall Discover – The Oregon Journal, Jack Pement (1973)

“As for do-it-yourself places, where you accept the grilled meat and the hot bun and then create your own finished masterpiece [bureger], the following places are noteworthy… Tebo’s in Gladstone.”

Awarded Best Hamburger – Kenoli International Institute of Hamburger Eaters (1973)