Available Now! The Tastiest Tomatoes of the Year from Serres Farm in Oregon City

Local Top Cat Tomatoes — At Tebo’s for a Limited Time Only!

You may already know that Tebo’s always serves fresh, never frozen, northwest beef for its juicy burgers. Now, we’re giving you the chance to pile those burgers high with locally grown Top Cat tomatoes.

And when we say ‘locally grown’ we mean it only takes the tomatoes nine minutes to travel from the farm to Tebos front door. Five minutes after that, they’re sliced and ready for your plate!

“The flavor is incredible,” says Tebo’s co-owner John Karlik.

These Top Cat tomatoes grow at Serres Farm off Forsythe Road in Oregon City. “The Top Cat tomatoes are planted in good ground and picked red at their absolute peak and you can really taste it,” says Patti Serres of Serres Greenhouse and Farm. Her family has been running the local farm since 1902 and she’s also been a loyal Tebo’s customer since she was a teenager.

“If you want to bite into a slice of a juicy Top Cat then come in soon, because we all know how quickly the weather changes around here,” says Tebo’s co-owner Craig Klein. The tasty tomatoes will only be here for a few weeks because they depend on sunny and warm weather to reach their peak.

Top Cat tomatoes are just another way Tebo’s strives to use the finest local produce!