Tebo’s Helps Support Angels In The Outfield


Helping Kids Who are Victims of Abuse or Crimes

Do you ever watch the news or read the paper and hear tragic stories about child abuse and wish you could do something about it?

Well, now you can. Tebo’s is partnering with an awesome non-profit called Angels in the Outfield.

Angels in the Outfield is a non-profit organization that help kids who are victims of abuse and other crimes by improving their lives after the court case is over and the perpetrators are locked up. The kids must then start to rebuild their lives and Angels in the Outfield comes alongside them. Check out this video for proof on how the organization is changing lives.

Longtime Tebo’s customer Patti Serres told us about the great things happening at the all-volunteer, non-profit. “From day one, I’ve seen nothing but good happen from the organization. In many cases, it actually changes a life.”

Now Tebo’s is collecting donations for boys and girls. Please consider donating school supplies, shoes and socks the next time you are in. There is a  blue bin just as you walk inside the restaurant.

Thank you!


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